About Us

Procor Packaging is a Southern California Based business.

We are a service orientated business who strives to bring the latest products and technology to our customers at a fair price. 

There is no Customer/Order to small to help supply your business with the products you may require.  We will always give 100% of our resources to help grow your business.

We specialize in custom fabrication to personalize your products. We can supply first articles as well as deliver an end product in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us at procorpackaging@aol.com with your specific needs.

Service Area:

We primarily deliver from San Diego to Sacramento. We also have the capability to deliver products to greater part of Arizona, Nevada, Seattle, and Georgia.

Depending on the products needed, we can also ship throughout the United States via common carrier-UPS, FED EX and any other transportation.

Thank You for visiting our site.

Rene Provencio